When it comes to clichés, think outside the square and take the road less travelled

Clichés in marketing copy achieve nothing – they don’t tell the reader anything about your business or what it can do. They just get in the way. You usually only get a few valuable seconds to grab your audience’s attention, so don’t squander that time with the copy equivalent of cotton wool. Use words that tell them something. Here are five website marketing clichés you should avoid and their translations: Cliché: Thinking outside the box Translation: We don’t have any original ideas – but we’ll pretend we do. Cliché: Strategic thinking Translation: We still don’t have any ideas. Cliché: Innovative solutions provider Translation: It’s too hard to explain what our business actually does. Cliché: Full service provider Translation: But trust us – we can do lots of things. Cliché: Friendly, knowledgeable staff Translation: Well, we’re not going to tell you our staff are rude, lazy and incompetent, are we? Are there any others you can add to the list?