What we do

Headline Content can provide your business with content to engage and excite existing and potential customers.

We work on a project basis, and assemble a specific team of journalists, editors, designers and other communications professionals who are best suited to the individual project.

While we produce different types of content across different mediums, it all has one thing in common: every piece of work is useful, informative and interesting.

We can provide:

  • Content strategy – What do you want to achieve? Who is your audience? What’s the best way to engage them?
  • Web content – Anything from blogs to how-to guides to case studies.
  • Publications – A regular magazine or newsletter, or a one-off booklet or guide.
  • Editorial – Articles, profiles and opinion pieces that can be placed in other publications.
  • Online and tablet publications – either as an adjunct to print publications or stand alone.
  • Search Engine Optimisation – making sure that when people Google the products and services you offer, your business comes up prominently.

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