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Finding Your Customers’ Pain Points

Barristers spend a lot of time in court waiting for a hearing to begin and one of their greatest fears is that opposing counsel will bring up an unfamiliar case or a precedent. Now a smart-phone app developed by legal publisher LexisNexis allows barristers to make use of their down time by quickly researching what has gone before.

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Journalism in the Digital Crossfire: Who Will Pay for the News?

With declining revenues and competition from online resources and social media, traditional newspapers and even digital news sites are in transition, according to new research from the Australian School of Business. The forms that news sources will take in the future is as yet unknown, but the ability to track user trends online will certainly shape their evolution and the survival of conventional newspapers is not assured. Local papers and specialist sites are expected to survive, but how will the civic role of news reporting be funded?

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