Why you need a grumpy news editor

In journalism there’s a test that every keen young reporter learns in their first few days on the job: “why do we care?” When the reporter pitches a story to the news desk, the news editor often hits them with that question. (Although the grumpy old news editor will probably use more colou

Why you should give away your secret sauce recipe

It might sound strange, but giving away your “secret” recipe can be a very smart marketing move.   Don’t be afraid to publish How-To content, because your customers don't come to you for your trade secrets.

Measuring Success in Content Marketing

  Content marketing should begin with the endpoint: What do you want to achieve and how are you going to measure success? There’s little point in producing content and pushing it out in to the wider world without any idea how it’s performing. Marketers need to set goals at the start o

What content marketing can do for financial services

Four things financial services companies should be trying to achieve with content marketing. Nowhere is trust and credibility more important than in the financial services sector. And that’s why financial services companies have so much to gain from content marketing.

Getting the best content out of a copywriter

The secret to briefing a writer Here are three great tips to help your copywriter produces the best possible material they can for your business. But before we get to the tips, let’s quickly cover off on the basics. Then you’ll find the three tips below. THE BASICS There are a few things y

Why Content Trumps SEO

I recently received an envelope in my letter box addressed “to my neighbour”. It appeared to be handwritten. Maybe it was more news from one of our many neighbours having building work done. Or maybe it was from the neighbour who I’ve been “talking to” about their annoying and noisy dog. S

All content should be interesting – and it can

I’ve discovered in two decades of journalism that there's no such thing as a boring subject. Hidden inside just about any topic are some interesting stories.  It’s a matter of doing enough work and enough research to find them and then make them shine.

The one thing all effective case studies must do

How hard are your case studies working for you? Are they just a list of project specs? Or are they something that readers will find useful and will help show off your capabilities? Here's the one thing that all effective case studies must do.