Why content marketing so often fails

A lot of the time, content marketing just doesn't work. But the good news is it can be fixed. Just 14 per cent of business-to-business companies believe their content marketing efforts are “very effective” at delivering business value.

Five marketing clichés – and their translations

Clichés in marketing copy achieve nothing – they don’t tell the reader anything about your business or what it can do. They just get in the way. You usually only get a few valuable seconds to grab your audience’s attention, so don’t squander that time with the copy equivalent of cotton woo

Don’t forget ‘micro-yeses’ in your content marketing

You need to think about each stage of the customer journey as they read and watch your content.   When readers interact with one piece of content, what are you doing to earn the next micro-yes that will deepen the relationship you’re starting to establish?

Five tips and one must-do for a catchy blog headline

Headlines are the first thing that readers will see of your marketing content, and how they decide whether or not they’ll click or read on. Here are five simple tips to get those clicks, with a must-do at the end: SIMPLE IS BEST Give people a clear idea of what the content is about and [&h

Content marketing – three more great examples

Here are three more great content marketing campaigns and what we can learn from them. (For earlier examples, have a look here) VIKING RIVER CRUISES This global cruising company sets the standard in the use of video. Its website has all the usual stuff you’d expect from a cruise company –

Corporate Blogs – how to get more readers

It never ceases to amaze me how hard it can be to find some companies’ blogs on their website. Organisations put all sorts of effort into producing blogs and other content marketing material, then tuck it away in some obscure, out-of-the-way corner. Far from taking advantage of the informa

How Details Can Help Your Content Marketing

Have a look at this blurb a Sydney accountancy firm’s website: We are committed to forming close partnerships with our clients. This way we can understand your unique situation and customise the assistance we provide to suit your needs. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the hardwo

Content Marketing to Keep Customers Coming Back

Content marketing isn’t just about new business – make sure you don’t forget existing customers. A sale to an existing customer takes a lot less time and money than converting a new prospect, and you already know where they are, so it’s easier to put your content in front of them.