Three Great Content Marketing Campaigns

All content marketing should be interesting, informative and user-friendly. Here are three campaigns that achieve these aims, with the obvious benefits for the brands they’re promoting (None of them by me, by the way). SOPHOS IT security isn’t really a topic that grabs me, but the Naked Se

How to Write Web Content for a Business Audience

What do you do when you click onto a webpage or a blog post and are confronted with a great big slab of text? If you’re anything like the rest of us, you probably shut down the page and move on to something else. This presents a bit of a challenge for any business wishing […]

How to Get A Strong Pipeline of Corporate Blogs

Corporate blogs are a bit like New Year’s resolutions. They start with good intentions and a rush of enthusiasm, then fade away as life gets busy. A company launches its new website with great intentions about all the content marketing they can do and how they’ll be pumping out blogs and g

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How Much Content to Give Away

A lot of companies worry about giving too away too much “free” information in their content marketing. They’re worried that if they publish, say, a buying guide, potential customers might use that to help them purchase one of their competitors’ products. Or if they give away too many trade

How to come up with content ideas

So you’ve decided content marketing is the way to go. You’ve developed your strategy; you’ve identified your audience; you know what you want to tell them; and you’ve decided how you’re going to reach them. Now it’s time to start producing the content. But where do the ideas come from? Wha